What is Digital Painting

Wondering what is Digital Painting

   The term “digital painting” can call to mind a number of different artistic endeavors that may be derived from a computer using any number of software programs and hardware accessories. At we do artwork that can be considered “traditional digital painting.”  This style of digital painting mirrors traditional art mediums and techniques and is created by hand in a stroke by stroke fashion, the same way one would draw on a piece of paper with a pencil. The difference is that both the canvas, and the brushes, pens, pencils, etc., are digital, meaning the canvas or paper is a computer screen and the pen or brush is a tablet stylus. The finished images can then be viewed on screens or printed onto any number of surfaces.
     Digital PaintingThere are a number ways to print images these days but we use a style of printing known as giclee, which uses tiny spurts of pigments (not inks) and results in museum quality prints that can last a lifetime.  There are other forms of digital artwork out there and each has it’s place in the world. To be clear though, we don’t offer these types of artwork on The two types that come
to mind are “computer generated art” and “digital photo art.”
      Computer generated art is created by software that is programmed to make an image in any number of styles. Lots of artwork that you see on the internet can be categorized this way and there are a number of software programs that will even take a photograph and automatically convert it to something that resembles a specific style of traditional artwork, such as oil painting, pencil sketches, pastels, etc. These images will approximate a style but lack a personal touch and authentic artisanship that only a real human artist can create.
      Digital photo art starts with a photo and manipulates it using tools in software programs to change it into something that looks artistic. Many different styles can be achieved this way but they are all just building on an existing photo. Many people are familiar with software such as Photoshop that is commonly used to create this type of artwork.
     At we are artists who have been classically trained in traditional forms of art and who then bring those particular skillsets to digital painting.  We think this can result in artwork that looks very natural as if drawn on paper or painted on canvas. It also gives us a basis for creating exiting new styles that utilize a more modern digital graphics look.  The great thing about computer generated artwork is that  the limitations of a single traditional medium are eliminated and the creative possibilities are endless.

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