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As any interior decorator knows, when designing a stylish and personalized interior space, the artwork that adorns the walls is like the icing on the cake.  Whether you’re remodeling to create a chic new interior, customizing a personal space like an office or dorm room, or just looking to update the decor in your home, the artwork you choose to display defines the space and gives a sense of your personality or a desired mood to the space.  In many cases however, finding the right artwork for a space can be a challenge and in many cases can be overlooked completely, leading to blank walls or even “temporary” solutions that end up defining your space permanently.  After spending so much time and money choosing paint colors, flooring options, furniture,etc., finding and affording the perfect artwork for your space can be a daunting and expensive challenge.  Custom made fine artwork can be pricey and finding that perfect piece can take a ton of effort.

We are here to help!

With you have the ability to completly personalize your artwork. You get to choose not only the style but the actual image depicted in your artwork.  Choose from your own photo collection and put your own friends and family into beautiful and impressive interior design.  If you’ve ever captured an awesome moment, a great expression, or beautiful scene on your smartphone, you may end up disappointed that the file size is too small to have it blown up to a big enough size to hang on your wall. Or, maybe there’s just one element in the background that ruins the picture.  How many images have you seen on the internet where an otherwise great moment is ruined by a dreaded photobomber… That wedding photo with the drunken groomsman in the background making rude gestures. That cute Easter egg hunt pic that upon later inspection features the family dogs in the background doing dog things.  You get the idea.  We give you the option to not only rescue those images, but to take those great moments and turn them into artwork that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

With so many unique styles to choose from, you can turn your photos into artwork that will perfectly fit your design style.  Finding artwork with an image you enjoy is not always enough.  It may be a fantastic piece of artwork but it’s just not the right size for your intended space.  Maybe the style is cool but it just doesn’t fit with your design theme.  Or, maybe the colors just don’t fit in that room.  Rather than repaint the room or buy all new furniture or throw away the rest of your art collection to fit your new piece, customize your art to the exact specifications that work for you.  First choose a fitting size, then choose the style that works best for you.  Your new custom artwork will perfectly accent any space when you choose between black and white, full color, or a monochromatic color scheme chosen to embellish whatever the feel of your interior calls for.

If you’ve ever purchased fine artwork before, you know just how expensive it can be.  A quality painting from a gallery could set you back thousands of dollars.  Artists need to be compensated for their time, materials and skills, and the gallery needs to be compensated for efforts in marketing, making the artwork available to the public and to cover their overhead.  In addition, an artist who is in demand has the ability to raise their prices to whatever the market will bear. provides art buyers with a unique opportunity to bypass the gallery scene and have a totally custom art piece created for you by a top level professional artist for a fraction of the price.  Our prices are incredibly reasonable because we are not bogged down with owning a gallery space or paying sales people and unlike selling in a gallery, our artists know that the piece they are working on is already sold, relieving them of the need to jack up their prices in the event that some of their pieces either don’t sell right away or perhaps never sell at all.

All these benefits result in a wonderful and rare opportunity for today’s art enthusiasts.  Buying artwork that is tailored to your exact needs and specifications has never been easier.

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