The Benefits of Giving a Photo to Sketch Artwork

Have you ever found yourself racking your brains out just to think of the right gift for a particular person? Of course, there are now a million and one gift items that can be found in stores. But the problem is, when you get gifts from a store, it will lack what is known as “a personal touch.” The best gift that you can get for anyone is a personalized gift – meaning a gift that is made specifically for the recipient of the gift. One of the best personalized gifts that you can give anyone is an artwork such as a painting or a sketch. What many people are unaware of is that there are companies such as that convert a photo to sketch. A photo to sketch artwork is a personalized gift that anyone would surely be delighted to receive. creates 100% hand drawn or painted artworks from photographs that were submitted to the website. If you are giving the photo to sketch artwork as a gift, what you can do is select the best photo of the recipient that you can find. If you feel that the person will not appreciate receiving his or her own portrait as a gift then just choose a photograph that you believe he or she will appreciate. Needless to say, the photograph that you will submit should be 100% original in order to avoid copyright issues. It does not matter if the photo is a portrait, still life, cityscape, etc., can masterfully convert it into a handmade artwork. We have a team of very talented artists that can turn your photo into a masterpiece based on the style of your choosing.
The end product is a museum-worthy artwork printed on archival paper or canvas employing a technique that is known as giclée. You may have heard of software that can digitally convert a photograph into a sketch or painting. While the output of most of these software are passable and decent, it cannot be considered as a true work of art. And for sure, such an output is not museum-worthy. You can always give a digital sketch as a gift but the recipient will definitely appreciate true work of art over a gift that is just digitally produced. Because offers artworks that are hand-made, you can be sure that the result that you will get is unique. You cannot say the same with a digital product that can be copied and reproduced an infinite number of times.

Currently they are offered in 5 colors offered Green, Blue, Orange, Red, and Pink

Several Reasons Why a Photo to Sketch Artwork is the Best Gift


    • Work of Art
    • Most people would love to see themselves in a work of art. Whether they admit it or not, people would love to see themselves in a work of art. Many people aspire to be models even for just a brief moment. Of course, nor everyone is given the opportunity to pose as a model for a popular artist. The next best thing to posing for an artist for a sketch or a painting is to simply convert an existing photograph into a work of art. Can you just imagine the look on the other person’s face when you give him or her a work of art with his or her image in it?

  • True Value
  • Works of art appreciate over time. If you will give a work of art to someone then you are giving him or her a gift that has true value. And the best thing about artworks is that their value increase over time. It is also a gift that can be handed over from one generation to another. In fact, if they are well taken cared for, a painting or a sketch can last longer than a painting. This is the reason why you see centuries-old paintings in different museums all over the world. With a photo to sketch artwork, you can easily turn any home or office into a mini museum.

  • Affordable
  • A unique yet affordable gift.Of course, painting from a well-known or even a budding artist would require making a significant investment. Unless you are a millionaire, it is not practical for you to give expensive works of art to your friends and relatives. But at a fraction of the price of an original painting, you can turn a photograph into a sketch or painting. You can still consider the output of this process as a work of art because it is created by hand by a real artist. You can always go cheap and get a digitally produced artwork but of course its value as a gift will not be the same as that of an original artwork.

  • Thoughtful
  • Show how thoughtful you are. By giving a personalized and unique gift such as a photo to sketch artwork, you will show are thoughtful you are. Giving a personalized gift shows that you have spent time and effort in finding the right present. It also shows how much you value the person. When the person receives and sees your photo to sketch artwork gift, he or she will surely feel special. A gift that is bought in a store will never match the value that a personalized gift brings.

  • Perfect Gift
  • For the person who has everything already. A photo to sketch artwork is the perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything already. These are persons who are either very rich already or those whom you know will not really benefit from store-bought gifts. Then there is that discriminating person such as your boss or your father-in-law that is very difficult to satisfy. We all know such a person. And it is always a pain to think of the perfect gift for such a friend. A photo to sketch artwork is the best gift for this type of individual. A photo to sketch artwork is unique and for sure he or she will not be able to find your gift in any store.

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