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Modern Illustration



Product Description

Even with modern day photography and Selfies that just talk real, portraits and art works still carry the magic in them. It is the creativity of the artist of not being bound to nature’s absolute display of colors, light and shadows that makes a portrait or an artwork in general, so special. With modern day innovation in art, introduction of various modern art styles, there are numerous techniques that can create the magic of making a portrait with different effects and in different forms. is a wonderful place where one can capture one’s self or a favorite memorable moment with others by getting artists to create artworks of photographs. The Modern Illustration feature is an exciting one that converts a photo to illustration in a modern digital art style. The artist’s creation is unique, breathtakingly beautiful and modern.
Illustration Photo Submission

Our lives are full of countless memories with people we love and places we visit. It is a gift of technology that we have means to capture those moments in the form of photographs. Such photographs when amalgamated with an artist’s creativity makes them even more lively. Therefore those images can be uploaded on for conversion from a photo to illustration by an artist. The photo may consist of people’s face (single or multiple) with or without pets or it can be of a landscape or even a house. The photo can be of any other subject also and in that case the subject is to be specified at the time of uploading the image.

Visual Preferences

One can also specify whether the background of the photo is to be retained after its conversion from photo to illustration. It can also be left to the choice of the artist. The size of the perspective can also be left to the choice of the artist or it can be set as same in the photo.

Paper Options

Modern Illustration gives a number of choices of paper and canvas types and sizes for painting the illustration. It can be painted on Rolled canvas with size ranges from 12×16, 16×20, 20×30 and 24×36. It can also be painted on Heavy Textured Art paper or Stretched canvas with the same range of sizes.

Art Work Pricing

The illustrations are made by hand or painted by professional artists who are accomplished in their field of expertise. The art works are therefore charged according to the time and effort the artists have to put in. The pricing is decided by the number of people and pets in the photo or whether it is a landscape or a house or a cityscape. The size of the painting and the choice of the paper or canvas is another major criterion for setting the cost of the art work. With due consideration of all these facts on pricing, deals at are unique and inexpensive. Art works are delivered to the address the buyer gives for delivery.

A piece of art hanging from the wall of a house enhances its charm multiple folds. It creates magic every moment if that art work is a memorable snapshot expressed by an artist’s creativity.