Charcoal Rendering



Product Description

Make Lasting Memories with Photo to Charcoal Rendering

Photo to charcoal sketch is a simple and yet effective way to enable people to get sketched without all the work that goes into it. One does not need to pose in order to get a sketch of their images, there is a shortcut. This beats the hassle out of looking for a competent artist and sitting for hours in front of them to get duplicated on paper.

How it works

Take a good photo that you like which can be of yourself, a city or a favorite place then send this to the masters of art. Proceed to give the relevant instructions which should include the type of work you want done on the photo. The photo to charcoal rendering option is the best as the photo is duplicated to look exactly as it appears. The difference is that the duplicate canvas version will be done in charcoal to give it an authentic finish. This is drawn by artists who don’t require live models in order to come up with a real sketch as a clear photo is enough.

To get the best rendition of your photo, it is requisite to provide as much information as possible to enable the artist have a visual and vivid image of what you require. For instance, it is important to state the number of people or pets – if any – which you want to appear on the sketch. This applies to photos that you like, but you want to edit out some aspects. You also need to choose the background of the sketch or you can decide to leave it in the hands of the artist. The orientation of the portrait should also be considered to ensure the artist gets it right the first time. Other features like cropping the photo are also necessary with an option to let the artist handle it for you also included.

The sketching surface

When that is done, it is time to choose the type of paper which should depend on your taste. The available options are stretched canvas or art paper with a heavy texture both of which are excellent choices for charcoal rendering. Make sure to have in mind the exact size you want to avoid misunderstandings after the sketching is complete. To help you make the right decision, consider the purpose of the sketch. What role do you want it to serve? Do you want to hang it somewhere? And what size is this room? This should help you decide easily.

The smallest size that you can reproduce is 12 x 16 with the largest one going up to 24 x 36. This price varies between the two available sketching materials with the stretched canvas being pricier than the art paper. You also get an option to decide whether you want it to come in a rolled canvas which is convenient for moving the around which can be framed later if necessary.


Getting yourself sketched has never been easier as there are skilled artists who only need to look at a photo to duplicate it perfectly. Therefore, take advantage of such expertise to get yourself that piece of art you’ve been dreaming of through this photo to charcoal rendering.