Unleash the pencil with this loose sketching style. Get a striking and unique look with this black and white sketch.

Wild Pencil Portfolio

The Best Photo to Pencil Sketch Service Available

The art of painting and sketching is rare, and is only exclusive to people who were born with it. That's the reason why most photo to pencil sketch artworks will cost an arm and a leg to purchase.
You see, we all yearn to have access to these paintings; they are authentic, beautiful, and absolutely unique in all senses. They have the power to decorate any room, captivate, bring memories back, or make people feel good when relaxing in their homes. But their costs will put you off. That's the reason some people go with general painting instead of their very own. But what if you were told there were real artists somewhere who could produce real photo to pencil sketches at a fraction of the cost? Here's the deal:

Your Photo to Sketch one-stop shop

This is a website dealing with people who would like to have their favorite photos hand-drawn by real artists. There is a vast array of styles to choose from, but we're only going to focus on Wild Pencil instead. This product aims at a very specific clientele -- those who love to get their photos redrawn with pencil.
This product uses a special technique to produce richly-textured black and white photos out of your regular photos. On the other hand, the second technique aims at producing a warm and textured black and white look acquired from pencil drawing. All these techniques are good in that the artist delivers what is truly unique and detailed, according to the original photo.

How Wild Pencil Works

Wild Pencil is just what it is. It takes advantage of loose pencil styles while using different pencil shades to bring out an accurate representation of the photo uploaded, thanks to the staggered pencil strokes that bring out the abstract patterns so well.

That's the reason why such drawings have gained a soft spot in the public eye. So when you order your very first Wild Pencil work of art, it's important that you know how it works upfront. So here we go:  First, you need to tell the artist what you want other than just uploading the photo you want them to worked on. This step is called customization (as you'll see on the official ordering page of the site).
Basically, you have to choose your subject, number of people(if applicable), pets, buildings, background etc. After customization is completed by you, the next step is to choose the drawing material in which you'll receive the sketch photo on. Here, you have the choice of selecting different dimensions of rolled canvas, heavy textured art paper, or stretched canvas.

The background

The artist doesn't know what appeals most to you, so you have to tell them the details of your preferred background. You should tell them how you want your background to look like, or let them choose their own (this is an option you can tick in the boxes provided in the ordering process.

Cropping and copyright details

To crop is basically to tell the artist that you want some info cut away from the original photo. Again, you're free to do this. Finally, you have to specify whether you own the copyright for the image you're uploading to be worked on. You should take this part serious to avoid legal problems.


Your Photo to Sketch website offers the most affordable sketch painting solutions you will ever find. And if you don't believe this, try consulting other photo to pencil sketch services and see for yourself. Even if you got hold of an artist you personally know, they would quote you hundreds of dollars for the service. But this site gives you an opportunity to customize your painting at the least cost possible, so take advantage.