Get a warm and textured black and white look from this hand drawn charcoal technique. I'm our two charcoal styles, this "charcoal sketch" technique has a more loose and free look. As an added bonus, this looser style takes our artists less time to create, resulting in faster turnaround times and a more economical price!

Charcoal Sketch Portfolio

In order to see how your photos would possibly look like when transformed into an art work sketched with charcoal, it's highly recommended that you check out the samples in the charcoal sketch gallery. In said gallery, you'll see the portfolio featuring samples as well as pieces that we've done for previous clients. It's a good way to gauge if the style of the pieces is something that you think will be appropriate for the photo or photos that you have. If you think that a charcoal sketch won't give the photo justice, then maybe you can consider getting it done in charcoal rendering which is much deeper and more richly textured. But keep in mind that there are photos that will look better when sketched rather than rendered. That statement also holds true the other way around.
As you can see in the charcoal sketch gallery, we only make use of a combination of black, white, and gray colors. Why? Because it's the true essence of charcoal art. That is to portray a setting, an event, or a moment in the simplest of hues while projecting the beauty and relevance of the moment captured in the photo. Every single detail is also hand-drawn. We have experienced and talented artists who have perfected the art of charcoal drawing. They will make sure that the photos you give us will be transformed into great charcoal sketches that you can proudly show to friends and family. Quality is something that we continually strive for. Whatever sketch you get from us will be a piece of art drawn with care and style.

Why transform your photos into charcoal sketches?In the simplest of terms, it's about cherishing the moments captured in your photos and keeping them alive. It's about looking at them with a new light, a new perspective, or even a new understanding. Also, sketches are pieces of art work which means they heighten the sentimental value of the photos. Just think of a wall where two frames are hanging. One frame contains a photo while the other frame contains an art version of the photo in the other frame. Which frame would you look at more? The piece of art of course. That's how people are attracted to art. This explains why people sometimes pay thousands if not millions of dollars for a single piece of art. A charcoal sketch, if done well, is a piece of art that you can say you own. And it features a moment in your life that you truly cherish. Now that is something worth keeping.
How much does charcoal sketches cost?
Well, it would greatly depend on several factors like the subject, how complicated the photo is, and the size of the finished sketch. Be assured though that charcoal sketches are very affordable considering the quality of the final product. If you look into the featured works in our charcoal sketch gallery, they are of the best quality possible. That is expected as we have very talented artists who meticulously drew them. We offer very economical prices because we also want more people to be able to afford immortalizing their precious photos into stylish charcoal sketches.

What types of photos can be turned into charcoal sketches?
Any kind of photo, really. Whether it's a photo from your wedding day, a landscape photo from a trip abroad, a photo of your favorite pet, or a photo of you snorkeling in the Galapagos, they can all be transformed into unique sketches in charcoal. Our artists are very adept in drawing any type or form of subject so you need not worry. If you have the photo, we can turn it into a drawing. That's a guarantee. We can also make modifications on the photo if you want. If you don't want the trees in the background of the photo to appear in the final charcoal drawing, then so be it. You just have to tell us so that we can inform the artist.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to dig out your most cherished photographs. Allow us to transform them into beautiful black and white pieces of charcoal art. They will look unique, fresh, and stylish. You can put them on your walls, on your desk, or even give them out as gifts to people that you love.