Yes.  For example, if you are interested in a photo to sketch of your grandma and grandpa and cannot decide between two or three different photos, send them to us and let us know that you need help deciding.  We are happy to provide you with insight as to which photo we think will make the best artwork. If you have a couple of photos with different elements in that you would like included in your artwork, submit the photos and a description of what you want.  Our artist will work with you to create an artistic composite of your pictures.  We will create a quick sketch outline of the design and ask you to approve it before we execute the detailed photo to artwork.  Please be aware that this step will result in increased production time which will partly depend on how quickly you approve the sketch. Additionally, if you have questions or concerns about your photos, we invite you to submit any number of photos and a description of your concerns, and we will work together to come up with the best solution.
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  To ensure this, we employ a review process and will not send you your print until you are happy with the image.  Once the artist completes the artwork, you will be emailed a proof of the image.  At this point, you will have the ability to accept, deny, or request changes to your image.  Our artist will work with you to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the piece before we have it printed and sent to you.  Once you approve of the artwork, you are agreeing that you are satisfied.  In the event that we cannot come up with something that satisfies you, we will cancel the order and issue a full refund. In the event that your print arrives to you damaged, you will have 14 days from the ship date to inform us of the damage and submit photos of any damaged area, in which case we will send you a new print free of charge.  We strive for a 100% satisfaction rate and are always happy to work with you to achieve this.
In some cases a blurry or damaged photo could result in an inability to create a proper likeness, in which case we will inform you and request that you choose a different photo.  If you don't have any other photo and we can't work with the one you've provided, you will not be charged or will be fully refunded.  If you are unsure about the quality of your photos, feel free to submit them and we can decide if they are usable or not and will discuss with you what options we have.  If we ever feel uncomfortable that we can produce the highest quality artwork from your photo reference, we will always contact you first and explain the situation, rather than risking producing bad artwork.
We provide an uploader on our order page for you to submit your digital photos.  Just drag and drop your files into the uploader or press the select files button to select a file from your computer.  We accept JPEG or PNG files (.jpeg or .png).  We do not accept hard copies of photos through the mail.  If you only have a print of your photo, simply scan it and upload the file to us.
Usually 15 business days or less. Our artwork is hand drawn and the artist will need sufficient time to create the best artwork possible. While most styles are completed in about 3 to 5 business days, production time can vary based on the level of detail and the size of artwork you choose. Once the artist finishes, we will email a proof to the customer which you will need to approve before we send it off to the printer. We guarantee your satisfaction so this step is very important to ensure that you are pleased. The sooner we get an approval (or you let us know of any desired changes) the sooner we can send the artwork to be printed. The printing process can take from 3 to 8 business days to complete before being shipped. Shipping is usually UPS Ground or similar so delivery time can vary from about 1 to 5 days.  Please allow for sufficient processing time and try to plan ahead whenever possible to ensure you'll receive your artwork for whatever occasion you need it for.  It's not a bad idea to order as early as possible during holiday seasons when we are under heavy demand.  Having said all that, please inform us of any birthdays or other occasions that you may need the artwork by and we will always do our best to expedite and have the artwork to you for your occasion.